Kyocera Mita South Africa as a leading document solutions organisation has publicly stated a commitment to being environmentally friendly. What is not so eminent is the fact that Kyocera has supported minimal environmental impact for over 20 years, as an international technology leader.

The international parent group, Kyocera Corporation, set out its vision for the environment as early as 1985 and involved the group's work with green technologies - such as solar power - but also included an absolute commitment to producing products and technologies that had minimal negative impact to the environment.

Our product development philosophy is geared towards reducing the impact on the environment and this is within the group's corporate vision and mission statement.

Staying ahead of the trend, Kyocera has - for many years - been committed to being carbon-neutral in its own operation. Trees are planted as an offset for the company's carbon footprint.

Locally and globally, Kyocera Mita is one of the first to do more than just act responsibly towards the environment. It is our goal to give back more than we take out and create a sustainable model for doing business in a way that doesn't have negative impacts for future generations.


Both globally and locally, Kyocera Mita South Africa is taking its environmental commitments a step further, with the goal of becoming truly carbon-neutral.

"We have established an ongoing relationship with Food & Trees for Africa and have already sponsored 400 trees to give back to the earth what it gives us. Going forward, it is our goal to sponsor a tree for every machine we sell and offer our customers the chance to do the same, making a real positive impact on the environment," says Jody Harrington, at Kyocera Mita South Africa.

Kyocera's office equipment machines have achieved the highest international standards for low energy consumption and minimal pollution. The paper that is recommended to customers is also produced using none of the environmentally harmful chemicals that were once common in the industry.

Its ECOSYS technology is specifically aimed at minimising all negative impacts, limiting ozone emission, toner wastage - which includes toner lost into the air - and excess packaging. ECOSYS designs achieve this through smart technology and a high emphasis on recycling all materials used wherever possible.

Kyocera devices are Energy Star compliant, conforming to the EU standards for hazardous substances (ROH compliant) and offering low figures for toner waste and emission and packaging pollution in the industry.

"The main concept is sustainability," says Harrington. "Our company suggests to businesses that there should be a focus on achieving a realistic balance between the obvious goal of making money and the wider social and environmental issues on which the sustainability of all enterprises ultimately depend."


KYOCERA MITA devices comply with many ECO labels

The Blue Angel eco-label is one of the most famous environmental labels in the world. Awarded by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification, the label signifies that a product has exceptional ecological credentials and meets the detailed criteria of a comprehensive body of legislation set by the Federal Office for the Environment. The objective of the “Blue Angel” eco label is to keep the impact of harmful substances, energy consumption and waste on the environment to a minimum. The award of the “Blue Angel” eco-label has a long-standing tradition at KYOCERA MITA.

The new ENERGY STAR specification for imaging equipment introduced by the Government of the US and the EU helps users of office and home technology to protect the environment and save money through energy efficient products labeled with its logo. The new ENERGY STAR rating for imaging equipment has stricter requirements than its predecessor, particularly with regards to paper consumption. All of KYOCERA MITA´s current printers and multifunctional products produced after 1 April 2007 fulfil and exceed the requirements of the new ENERGY STAR specification. ENERGY STAR rated printers can cut electricity use by over 60 per cent and an ENERGY STAR rated MFP can save about 160 EUR in electricity bills over its lifetime in comparison to non-rated devices.

The “Swan” is the official Nordic eco label, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Swan logo demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice. The green symbol is available for around 60 product groups and everything from washing-up liquid to furniture and hotels can carry the Swan label. The Swan checks that products fulfil certain criteria using methods such as samples from independent laboratories, certificates and control visits. The Swan’s requirements are: attention to the product's impact on the environment from the raw material to waste throughout the product's lifecycle; and standards with regards to quality and performance. Many of KYOCERA MITA´s devices comply with the Swan.
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